Sacred physical exercises

Sacred physical exercises benefit health, amend well-being and produce a positive effect on one’s spiritual development. They combine physical movements with inner spiritual practice.

Energy storage and energy transmutation is an essential component of spiritual work and certain sacred positions (Yoga asanas) enhance a harmonious energy flow, free from blockages and diversions.

This effect can be amplified if a physical motion is combined correctly with a breathwork (pranayamas) or mantras (runic exercises). A basical principle is that when you move up – inhale, when you go down – exhale. “Moving in” – inhale, “moving out” – exhale. Tense – inhale, relax – exhale.

Another way to increase the effectiveness is exposure to beneficial nature elements and practising during specific times of a day (e.g. Sun Salutation in nature on sunrise)

Sacred physical exercises have an intrinsic esoteric meaning, which may become clear with their practice, e.g. Sufi whirling. What do we have within ourselves which is truly permanent – which doesn’t move?

Two particular sets of sacred exercises which are especially recognized for their effectiveness and simplicity are 5 Tibetans and Sun Salutation.

When you practice 5 Tibetans or Sun Salutation, it is very important that your mind is focused on moving with your breath, or doing a mantra, or praying to the Divine.

There are different variations of these sets – choose whatever works the best for you.

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  1. Sharon Fraser

    Thanks for sharing these videos. It helps to see the positions and transitions of the yoga asanas. I found the above explanation about the breath especially helpful, to keep these basic principles in mind as one flows through the practice.


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