Awakening means complete unity with the Absolute (God).

It is known by many names – Enlightenment, Immortality, Salvation, Imperishability, Liberation, etc. and is the ultimate aim of all esoteric seekers. Enlightenment is the purpose of life in the physical body and beyond it.

What is Awakening? Plenty of concepts exist about it and how to attain it.

A typical religious perspective is that by diligently following their rituals and rules, and by acquiring an unshakable faith in the description of God of that particular religion, one reaches salvation after physical death.

At the other end of the spectrum is a popular modern idea that no rituals or rules are necessary. Everyone is already awakened, and they simply need to learn to realize that. And to learn  that “realization” sometimes could cost quite a lot of money! Another idea is that awakening can eventually be reached by years of intensive meditation practices, or by working with secret breathing techniques.

According to esoteric teachings, great realisations tend to be very simple, many years of intensive spiritual practices are certainly necessary, and sometimes there is a need for secrecy, but ultimately, true spiritual Awakening can only be achieved as a result of walking the Spiritual Path.

You may choose many paths in life according to your wishes and desires, but to become an enlightened, one has to pass through numerous tests and initiations by working properly and effectively with the 3 Key components of the Path (referred as the 3 Keys).

“The greatest Virtue is to follow Tao and Tao alone.” -The Tao Te Ching.

Historically, references to those keys to Awakening were passed down in different forms in symbols, parables, myths and legends, such as the Labors of Hercules and the story of The Holy Grail. They can be found in the events of lives of world’s spiritual figures such as Jesus, Mithras, Horus and Krishna. Both men and women can become enlightened.

Everyone is unique, but the requirements of the path and the tools to fulfil them are universal.

Get rid of selfishness, incarnate the divine, and help the world.

The 3 main priorities in spiritual work, the “3 Keys to Awakening” are:

The 1st Key
Dissolve the negative self-centered inner aspects, such as anger, fear, pride, envy, negativity, etc.


The 2nd Key
Create the spiritual within yourself by transmuting the surplus of energies with Alchemy.


The 3rd Key
Help other people to develop spiritually