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The Most Holy Trinosophia

   The Most Holy Trinosophia is the only book ascribed to mysterious Saint-Germain. This deeply esoteric text is divided on 12 sections, corresponding to the Path of the prepared initiate through the process of inner development, symbolically expressed in the 3 Primary Forces, the 4 Elements, the 4 Key Points of the Wheel of the […]

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2 New Audio Meditations

We’ve just posted 2 new guided audio meditation for the basic technique of mindfulness.  Mindfulness is the ability to observe life from the present moment and to see the reality of life which occurs outside us and within us at any given instant.  All meaningful spiritual development begins by learning mindfulness and progresses from there […]

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The Metamorphoses

Ovid`s epic “Metamorphoses” contains more than 250 mythological stories and among them we may find direct spiritual teachings attributed to legendary Pythagoras.  “There was a man here, Samian born, but he Had fled from Samos, for he hated tyrants And chose, instead, an exile’s lot. His thought Reached far aloft, to the great gods in […]

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The Hsin Yin Ching

This brief esoteric treatise is called “Imprint of the Heart” and describes in a symbolic language the inner alchemy of the Daoist mystics.   “There are three degrees of Supreme Elixir—the Spirit, the Breath, and the Essential Vigour. Obscure and recondite! Confused and dim! Maintain vacuity, and you will preserve the actual—accomplishing it in an […]

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