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When our breath is calm and relaxed, we are calm and relaxed. Our breathing relates to emotions that we experience, our vital energies, subtle physiological processes, and even our thoughts, and therefore our whole state of being. Take a moment now, feel your breath – is it calm? It is said that “when you own your […]

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Kassapa-Sihanada Sutta

Kassapa-Sihanada Sutta contains a simple instruction, attributed to the Buddha himself, on how to live a moral life and practice meditation. It was meant to be passed to monks and hermits; some of these instructions become clearly understood, only when you personally experience them, which might be very challenging while living in the modern world.    […]

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A Meditation Workshop in French

We are very glad to announce we have just conducted our first free meditation workshop in the French language (Atelier de Méditation – Equilibrium Yoga) in the heart of the French speaking part of Montreal. The concept of our workshop was learning to practice meditation in everyday life and overcoming such typical obstacles as a lack of time […]

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The Summer Solstice in Montreal

Today we have had a wonderful summer solstice celebration with our advanced group in Montreal. The 6 of us gathered together for a simple ceremony to deeply connect with the spiritual forces in nature, the universe and from within our hearts. The timing of our ceremony was chosen to match the alignment of the sun with the […]

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