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The Summer Solstice in Montreal

Today we have had a wonderful summer solstice celebration with our advanced group in Montreal. The 6 of us gathered together for a simple ceremony to deeply connect with the spiritual forces in nature, the universe and from within our hearts. The timing of our ceremony was chosen to match the alignment of the sun with the […]

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A Retreat for The Center for Mindful Learning

At the end of May, teachers from Esoteric Teachings ran a silent retreat focused on astral projection and esoteric study of the psyche for modern monastic residents at the Center for Mindful Learning. Over the past few years having shared spaces running activities in Burlington Vermont, the two organisations slowly became acquainted and friendships formed […]

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Zoroaster depicted by Rafael

The Chaldean Oracles

You will find here magical and philosophical precepts, which were extracted from the works of Neoplatonic philosophers and had been attributed to the Chaldean (Babylonian) teachings, possibly originated from Zoroaster.    “Direct not thy mind to the vast surfaces of the Earth; for the Plant of Truth grows not upon the ground. Nor measure the […]

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Self Massage of the Five Senses

Our life is experienced through our senses. The more attentive and mindful we are – the more we can perceive and understand. It is important to keep our organs of perception healthy. Here is a simple method of self-massage which can be done at virtually any time when you need it. Wash your hands and make […]

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Pyramid of Unas

The Ancient Egyptian texts from the Pyramid of Unas

In Saqqara (Egypt), closely from Cairo, there are ancient pyramids, containing some of the oldest known sacred texts. Unfortunately a lot of their spiritual wisdom got lost in time and translation. One of the key themes of the Ancient Egyptian tradition was a spiritual resurrection. Prepared initiates were passing through rigorous processes of inner purification […]

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