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The Epistle of the Apostles

This text didn`t become a part of the official Christian teachings and was virtually lost in the world, but was recognized and preserved by the Ethiopian church. It is not a Gnostic text and can even appear contradicting Gnostics, but nevertheless contains some esoteric teachings passed by Jesus to his apostles. The message of this […]

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The Popol Vuh

The Popol Vuh contains ancient esoteric teachings of K`iche (Quiche) Maya people. While most of their books had been burned, this text survived till our days. It can bring us a deeper understanding of great Mesoamerican spirituality, which was almost completely destroyed. The Dawn of Creation “There is not yet one person, one animal, bird, […]

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Guetemala 1187

Learning Meditation

Learning how to practice meditation has been really worthwhile and beneficial in so many aspects of my life. My early attempts had always been unsuccessful. In joining Esoteric Teachings I finally understood why, and learned how to practice meditation properly. With the right guidance, techniques, and support I was able to overcome the mental and […]

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The Tirumantiram

The Tirumantiram is a marvelous gem of Tamil tantric teachings, written by the Yoga Siddhar Tirumular in a beautiful poetic language, providing spiritual seekers with inspiration, knowledge and wisdom required to reunite with Siva (the name of the Supreme God in Saivism). The notes below combine many excerpts from different chapters and are rearranged in […]

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A Mantra Meditation to open our higher faculties.

An Intro to Esoteric Study Retreat

What does it mean to take up esoteric study in your life? Why would you want to do it and how do you make it happen?  These questions were addressed with talks, practices and discussion the weekend of December 5-7th, 2014. This was the first introductory level retreat offered by Esoteric Teachings and was available to all […]

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